Marion Archibald was born in Scotland in 1962.

After a successful career in business, Marion decided to pursue a career in Fine Art and graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Photography. Her practice incorporates photography, book-making, sculpture, installation and video. Marion lives and works in Fife.

Artist Statement

Marion Archibald's research and practice is rooted in her interest in the journeys that we all take in our lives, both literal and figurative - crossroads that we come to and decisions that we make determine the roads and paths that our lives follow. For some, this journey is a literal one, moving from place to place, searching for somewhere that gives them a sense of belonging. For others, the journey is a spiritual one - a metaphor for the search for the authentic self.

Primarily working with photography, Marion also incorporates video, found objects, artist books and small-scale sculptures into her practice. Her work records ambiguous and uninhabited places, each with their own unique presence; places that we have moved through and left behind on our journeys.